Releasing Your Thoughts. . .

Do you ever feel like life tends to move at a fast rate and you can’t quite grasp it. At times do you feel the need to reflect on past experiences but you just can’t find the time to do so? Yea I too struggle with those same feelings, but recently I found an exercise that helps me reflect on my past experiences and gain extremely beneficial insight.

Journal Post

The exercise I’m referring to is journaling. Yes, you read correctly journaling! You may be thinking that is so elementary, but there is actually no age limit on keeping a journal. Keeping a journal throughout your life gives you the ability to explore different thoughts and ideas. It allows you to look back on your thoughts and behaviors and discern what direction is best for you.

In the past, I would write here and there. I was never at a point where I had become consistent in writing every day. It wasn’t until recently when I met my good friend Camila, who inspired me to produce a steady writing habit. I met Camila throughout my research internship at Morehouse School of Medicine and Emory University. I would describe her as a wonderful person with a fun and loving personality. We were able to get along right off back as soon as we met.

One day we were in the lab waiting to get our day started and I noticed her typing vigorously. I ask her what was she typing and she told me she was journaling. She told me that she had been writing since middle school. I thought that was really cool, especially to keep it going for such a long time. I was inspired by her to keep writing and to strive to make it a daily habit. If there is one thing in my life that I know for sure that I lack it is consistency. I believe journaling will show me how to be consistent within many areas of my life.

The benefits I have already come to aware is that throughout my journal writing I am able to reflect on life lessons. I’ve learned throughout the past so I will have wisdom in certain situations in case I’m faced with them again. I have been able to enhance my creativity and be aware of my actions and behaviors.

Below I am going to leave you a portion of my journal writing. I pray you are inspired to begin some sort of writing of your own. May God continue to bless you and keep you in Jesus name I say Amen. . .

“Stop Trippin”

Today I woke up really frustrated and worried about life lol this week is one of those weeks where I feel like superwoman and I want to get everything done that I possibly can. Everyone in my lab is going to Puerto Rico for a conference, at first, I was a tad bit salty that the students wouldn’t be able to go, but then I decided to use that free time to be extremely productive.

My plans for this week consist of shadowing some physicians for clinical experience, go to my hometown Birmingham, Alabama to fill out paperwork that was supposed to be done like two weeks ago, and attend Heather Lindsey’s Pinky Promise Conference, and study for MCAT…  I’m not really sure if all of that is even possible but it’s worth a try. One thing I do realize is that I need to give my worries and thoughts to God. He already knows how I feel and how to help me so there is really no point in worrying or being frustrated. I’m sure my frustration could have been avoided if I spent more time with God and confessed to him everything that I was concerned about.


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