Tips On Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Change is the only thing that is constant. You must experience change and discomfort to receive new blessings in your life. Where you are right now is not where you will be forever. Right now you may be going through a tough time or a difficult situation but you must believe it is only temporary. God wants to provide you with increase and bless you in many ways. Below I have provided you with 6 essential attributes to help get you out of your comfort zone and experience the blessings that are waiting on you.                           


A person must have faith when they are transitioning out of their comfort zone. Faith is an action of believing in the things you can’t see. Your faith will take you further than you can imagine. Without faith no one can please God. Anyone who comes to God must believe that he is real and that he rewards those who truly want to find him. You must continue to have faith in your dreams and visions no matter what your situation looks like. Believe God when he tells you he will give you all of the desires of your heart. You may run into people who try to down your dreams and visions but you must not feed into their opinions. This is your life and you are the author.

                                   Self Love

You have to love yourself before you can love others. Self love means to accept all of the qualities God has put together to create you. Yes, these qualities my not be accepted by the people around you but that does not matter. You must accept that God has made you the way you are for a reason and make the best of it. When you truly love yourself what people think and say about you will not matter. By truly loving yourself you will not get distracted and thrown off your purpose by those who mistreat you.


Confidence is an essential attribute you must have while getting out of your comfort zone. Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from the appreciation of your abilities God has given you. Confidence goes hand in hand with having faith. If you have low confidence or no confidence then you ultimately have no faith in yourself. Having confidence means you completely believe in yourself. Confidence means to take firm action in new experiences no matter how hard the situation seems. Yes, you may be afraid of taking that step but you must have faith in the things you can’t see. Once you gain confidence and take that step of faith you begin to unlock new doors and opportunities.                                                                     


Your attitude is everything because it determines the life you are going to live. Choosing to have a positive attitude can make you more comfortable in a new situation. Begin to look at the bright side of every situation and take each moment as a lesson learned. Each and every day look for something that will make you smile. Doubt, in any form, is a negative emotion. Erase doubt by having faith in yourself and truly believing everything happens for a reason. Learn how to release stress in a positive way whether it be meditation, prayer or working out.


Surround yourself with encouraging and uplifting people. Most times we get affected by hanging with those who always has something negative to say. Their negative ways, thoughts, and actions soon become our ways, thoughts, and actions. It is important for you examine the people who you hang around. You must check and see what type of fruit they are producing. Step out of your usual interactions with people who seem to produce bad fruit. Associate with people who have similar dreams and goals. 


Everything has a purpose. You must believe that God has purposely designed the life you live to fulfill a specific purpose in your destiny. You must believe that God has an unshakeable purpose for you. It is important to know that no matter what situation you are in it was designed just for you. Know that there are no limits to this life you live. When you start living a life of purpose, everything you see, touch and do will suddenly be filled with meaning and fulfillment.

Learning and actively pursing these 6 attributes will help you transition out of your comfort zone to a new scope of life. In order to have an effective transition you must believe that all things are working together for your greater good through the Lord. You are able to overcome any barriers blocking your destiny. The biggest reason many do not want to let go of what is familiar is because of the fear of the unknown. When you let go of what was holding you up you will notice that you feel more secure standing with God.



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